Wiped Film Evaporator

All Global Solutions (AGS) is patent manufacturer of wiped film evaporator (WFE).

Wiped Film Evaporator WFE is an Advance equipment now installed, upgradable and Revamp in used & waste recycling / re-refining project it is becoming most important and popular equipment in Recycling ,Re-refining process of waste and used oil plant industry.

By installing WFE in the recycling project there is no requirement of Clay or any harmful or hazard chemical,WFE support eco friendly and also raise the capacity and quality of output feed from 20 – 30%

we had manufacturer and exported number of WFE word wide and also ongoing project in gulf.

WFE play an important role in recycling of used or waste oil it make the process smooth n hurdle free.

Wiped Film Evaporator  is basically consist of below parts-

  1. Heavy HP motor
  2. SS rotter Blades roller
  3. Inbuilt Condenser with SS tubes
  4. Cell & Jacket made of SS & CS.

All through this equipment is very compact n give optimize feed result below

Specific Gravity @15 OC :  0.89

Viscosity @ 40 OC :  80- 95 Cst

Viscosity @ 100 OC :  10.5 Cst

Color :  2.5 -3.5

Flash Point :  240 OC min

Metal Contents : 5 ppm max.

The size we manufacturer are 1 m2  to 50 m2 with Feed rate of 100 LPH  – 7000 LPH.