About Us

All Global Solutions (AGS) is a multinational corporation that provides various services across different sectors, such as Energy, Trade, IT and Medical services.

AGS Energy Services, the company offers innovative and sustainable solutions to the energy sector, providing energy consulting, management and trading services. Used oil re-cycling using Hydrogen treatment, the technology we used it is 100% environment friendly (Green environment).

AGS Trading Services to provides clients in the commodity markets, offering risk management services and trading solutions, supplies of all kind of equipment’s, tools, consumable and PPE items.

AGS IT Services include web design and development, cloud hosting, business email, SEO and digital marketing services to help businesses leverage technology to optimize their operations.

AGS Medical Services is one of the USA’s leading suppliers of hospital supplies, medical supplies and medical equipment’s. We hold the widest range of medical supplies, including everything from blood pressure monitors, infa-red non-contact thermometers to ultrasound scanners, syringes etc.

Our Vision

Quality, reliability, cost-effective solutions without compromising safety and integrity.

Our Mission

We strive to provide quality products without compromising health, safety, and the environment.

Global Reach

We’re proud to offer our services worldwide, ensuring that anyone, anywhere can benefit from our expertise and support.