Oil and Gas EPC

Oil and Gas Engineering, Procurement & Construction.

We undertake total EPC projects for the Oil & Gas in Upstream and Downstream Facilities to meet all the recommendation of the client’s need and stringent requirement.

Oil and Gas Sector comprises of Exploration, Extraction, Transportation, Refining and marketing of the Oil and Gas products .

All Global Solutions (AGS) provide Basic & Detailed Engineering for the entire Oil & Gas sector as per FEED/Conceptual Design Package provided by the Licensor/Project Owner.

Scope of Work Cover By All Global Solutions (AGS) Enginery in Upstream and Downstream Oil & Gas EPC Projects .

To prepare Detailed Feasibility Report fort for Crude oil Refinery with following units & Specifications.

Scope of Deliverables The Detail Feasibility report will broadly consist of following chapters, Executive Summary,. Introduction , Preliminary Design Basis , Project Location, Project Description, Process Description , Block Flow Diagram for Refinery,. Generic Process Scheme Diagram for all Units, Overall Material Balance Summary , Utilities / Off sites Description, Environmental Considerations , Project Capital Cost Estimate with +/- 30% level, Project Implementation Schedule, Operating Cost, Financial Analysis, Recommendation, Overall Plot Plan

We provide Engineering Services in the following area :

  • Process
  • Piping
  • Mechanical
  • Instrumentation
  • Process Safety and Loss Prevention
  • HSE (Health Safety Environment)

Another important activity of our Services is the Procurement and Construction of the Equipments, Piping, Instrumentation and Structural needs.

We are having a vast experience in the construction of the Oil and Gas equipments and Piping. We provide total solution in the Vendor Technical and Commercial activities till the commissioning of the system.

We have been involved in Project Management activities as well providing large number of the experienced and professional Manpower in the relevant field.

The activities in the Project Management includes :

  • Kick off Meeting
  • Co-ordination with Licensors
  • Project Schedule
  • Cost Estimation
  • Conceptual Planning

Below are the complete process we offer in Oil and Gas


After Crude Oil is first explored with seismic & drilling activities and then Offshore Platform is manufactured and assembled at site to produce all types of Hydrocarbons i.e. Methane(C1), Ethane (C2) till Pentadecane(C15) .

  • Next All the hydrocarbon produced from Offshore are separated into two phases i.e. Oil (Butane, Hexane etc) and Gases (i.e Methane, Ethane) . The separated oil and gas goes into onshore in the different pipeline for further separation into specific compound.


  • The Separated Oil Mixture is stored in the Onshore Storage tank Terminal while the Gases is transferred into Gas Gathering Station for the Compression, Metering and Transferred to the Owner or the Customer and it is sell as Natural Gas, CNG or LNG .


  • The Oil which is stored in Storage terminal is transferred to the Refineries for further Fractionation and Separation of the Hydrocarbons . In Refineries, the Oil is separated into specific compound such as  Butane, Pentane and Hexane .


  • The products obtained from the refineries are Petrol, Kerosene, Aviation Fuel, Asphalt etc . This product are transferred to the Customer/Sales or it is further treated with the Chemical Process in the Petrochemical Plant .


  • The Petrochemical Plant produces many types of chemical compound from the Refineries Product . Some of the compound includes Olefins (PE, Polyester), Aromatics (Nylon, Polyurethane) etc .

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We offer the Oil & Gas Industry in field like Crude Oil Refining and main chain of epc oil and gas by providing the complete crude oil refining process and refining crude oil.

We are providing the complete solution for refining process of crude oil, process of refining crude oil and giving the engineering support for refining crude oil process.

crude oil refining products may be very to very depending on the quality and type of raw materials define the process of crude oil refining our job as a oil and gas epc contractor is to cure all the points.

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The work of Engineering Consultant is to motivate the client to adapt the current technology form patent process licensors.The process engineering consultant can be trusted and have to work under experienced engineering consultant company, which are capable into industrial engineering consultant and eventually they skilled in consultant engineering,The engineering consultant services provider are having the main scope of work like  engineering design consultant. The most demandable requirement of engineering consultant uk and engineering consultant uae and india are the most demandable consultant engineering services area because of process licensor compatibility. Contact us for more details we will be pleased to help you.